Orelda and Corelda Book Series Featuring Sisters

Orelda and Corelda on Wall Street
For any kid who has a parent working on Wall Street or is interested in trading stocks and learning about the stock exchange, this wall street book for kids is a great introduction to world of high finance. A terrific souvenir book for children who have visited the stock exchange in New York and wall street. Orelda and Corelda on Wall Street is a story book about daughters who go to work for the day with their father.

Join these sisters in the heart of NY’s financial district when their father takes his daughters to work one day, They are surprised to learn that stocks are not the only thing traded on Wall Street. A fun introduction to investing for kids. For children ages 5-10. New York Books, wall street kids, wall street for kids.

Orelda and Corelda’s Ocean Voyage
f you’re planning a family vacation on a cruiseship or just returned from an ocean cruise vacation with the kids, this storybook is a fun gift for kids who love sailing the high seas.

Set sail to the Caribbean Islands with Orelda and Corelda on a cruise ship adventure story! The sisters board the cruiseline, the S.S. Rottensteamer, with no idea that a friend from school is also on the ship.

When they finally bump into each other, the trick playing begins. Join the adventure as Orelda and Corelda try to trick Oradillo, and Oradillo tries to play tricks on the girls. In addition to tricks, there are plenty of treats in this second book in the Orelda and Corelda series for kids! For ages 5-10.