Woofer Series

Woofer is a series of kids books about a cartoon character named, Woofer. These stories feature whimsical illustrations and rhyming text.

Book 1: W is for Woofer – A fun book for children learning the alphabet. Cartoon illustration rhyming verse childrens book for kids learning about letters and the alphabet. “W is for waltzing at a wedding rendez-vous, for wading in the water, and for whortleberry stew.”

W is for Woofer – E-book
alphabet letter w
W is for Woofer: An Alphabet Book About the Letter W

Book 2: Woofer Works Out – Celebrate the fun of sports and exercise with this rhyming book for kids. Promote an active lifestyle for children early with this fun cartoon picture book that explores sports and hobbies like dancing, bowling, snow skiing, gymnastics, rollerblading, hiking, swimming and more.

Woofer Works Out – E-Book
kids fun fitness
Woofer Works Out: Fitness Fun for Everyone